Instagram Takes Measures against Cyberbullying

Instagram is now adding new features that will give users more control over the comments section of each individual photo they post on the image-sharing service.Instagram

This step is meant to dissuade users from engaging in Cyberbullying and to reduce content terrorism on the image sharing application. Users will now be able to turn off comments in order to banish trolls who leave offensive remarks.

Previously, users were limited to deleting comments only after they were made, but Instagram recently appended this and implemented a comment filtration system that automatically sandblasted comments containing certain keywords that users preferred not to see on their comments section.

Users will also be given the ability to remove followers from accounts that are private and not visible to the public. The updates are the latest in a set of tools and controls that the photo-sharing app has been adding to make Instagram a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Instagram, like many social media platforms, isn’t immune to ill-intentioned trolling, hate messages, occasional spam comments or worse, full-scale cyber bullying. Hence the measures taken are appropriate towards making a safer social platform. According to Instagram, liking comments lets users show support and encourages positivity throughout the community.

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