Internet Solutions Kenya hires US firm to upgrade its fibre network

Internet Solutions Kenya, formerly Access Kenya Group, will spend 280 Million to upgrade its fibre network across the country in collaboration with a US firm.

Telco Systems, the hired US firm, will upgrade the data service provider’s fibre network in the next 12 months, increasing its capacity to 10 gigabit ethernet. This will allow customers to get speeds of several gigabytes at any point on the network.

With the upgrade, IS clients can access faster data carrying service on the fibre network and improved service quality. In the exercise, the IS Kenya network will be fully automated, allowing for the quick provisioning of new and existing services, a simplified deployment of the network and simpler maintenance activities.

The company is looking to leverage the upgraded network to cater for increased demand for data traffic without significantly increasing capital or operational expenditure on a backdrop of ongoing network expansion exercise set to for completion in April 2017 for Kisumu, Eldoret, and Thika at a cost of Ksh.25Million.

In September 2013 AccessKenya Group was acquired by the Dimension Data Group at a cost of Sh3.05 billion.It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dimension Data Group. Internet Solutions Kenya partnered with a Silicon Valley start-up to offer households with low-cost data connectivity, returning to a market segment it exited in 2014.


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