Jumia Black Friday promotes e-Commerce in Africa

eCommerce in Africa
Jumia black Friday

The Christmas offer starts early in Kenya. Jumia, a Nigerian based online retailer is the leader of the new class of e-commerce business in Africa. With the Jumia black Friday trending, Kenyans are in the rush to get products from the online stores at the low costs.

The Jumia black Friday is an indicator that technology in Africa has advanced as most of the items on sale are electrical appliances and mobile phones. With the device prices low, more people are expected to get connected via mobile phones to access the online stores boosting the mobile phone usage in the country and Africa at large.

In addition, Black Friday is a period selected by sellers to appreciate its customers with giveaways at discounted prices. The Jumia black Friday 2016 sale in Kenya started on the 14th of November and runs till the 25th of November with  online purchase items going from electronics, household items to fashion clothing at great prices.

During this period, online shopping experience is enhanced as buyers welcome the Christmas period. The Jumia Black Friday deals gives its buyers the chance to purchase all they have constantly needed at marked down costs.

This strikes a new wave of technology usage in Africa indicating that technology is advancing in every direction and it will not be the same in the next decade. With deepening Internet penetration and mobile becoming the primary tool through which people connect, buy and engage with the world, it is inevitable that the African consumer is now moving to e-commerce in order to keep up to pace with the technology advancement.

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