Kenya leads the way for Africa’s Technological Innovation

Technology plays an important role in Africa’s development.

New innovations are destroying old ways of doing business, and smart young startup entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this quiet but historic transformation. The origin of Africa’s tech movement can be traced back to Kenya, which was home to several major technological innovations between 2007 and 2010. These innovations birthed

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Kenya as the Silicon Valley of innovation in Africa. Now, Kenya is known to all as the Silicon Savannah.

At the same time, we have seen a number of spin offs of Kenya’s unique entrepreneurial revolution reach across Africa and into other corners of the world, attracting global recognition for the country.

The Kenyan government has been at the forefront of technology development. Investors have been ‘lured’ to invest in Nairobi, and are heeding the call positively. The city has positioned itself as an investor-friendly city by being open to aid agencies, development funds and foreign nongovernmental organisations (NGOs).

The laying of the first fiber-optic cable on the Eastern Seaboard of Africa, M-Pesa, a money-transferring app and Ushahidi, a ground-breaking information-gathering, visualization and interactive mapping tool changed the minds of even the doubters that it was possible for innovation to stimulate world-class entrepreneurialism in Kenya.

The Newsweek reports that when historians write Africa’s digital story, Kenya will likely assume its place as the cradle of ICT revolution on the continent. Never before has an African nation gone through a disruption such as the digital transformation that is still underway in Kenya. With so much creativity and innovation going on, the nation is witnessing a gigantic paradigm shift.





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