Kenya: solar tech market set to rise

Energy specialists all agree that solar power is fast becoming a key part of the global energy mix. 

sun power can play an important role in powering Kenya’s economic development if the potential for this technology is grasped. Despite rapid deployment of sun power technology there are several misconceptions which stand in the way of more rapid uptake of sun power, principally the idea that solar is expensive and only suitable for small scale off-grid applications. 

Kenya’s shift to renewable energy sources presents a lucrative and expanding market for solar equipment. This is according to Shenzhen Power Solution Limited Vice-President Susan Lee, who spoke to Xinhua news at an energy and power expo, held in Nairobi.

“Our main focus [is] in household solar solutions that are affordable but are of high quality. We are scouting for a Kenyan franchise to distribute our products that include sun powered lanterns, torches and study lamps,” Lee said.

In a recent World Bank report, Kenya was listed as the leader among countries in sub-Saharan Africa when it comes to putting in place policies on access to energy, energy efficiency and investment in renewable sources.

Kenyan farms, factories, offices and shops have installed solar power and are benefitting from clean, cheap electricity and contributing the massive amount of new electricity generation capacity needed in Kenya.



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