Kenyan Startup Invests in empowering Women & Girls through training in STEM

Technological gaps will keep on growing between developed and developing countries as long as new approaches are not adopted in the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in  training institutions. In line with this, the  Miss.Africa Program initiative sets the bar high by training female trainees in mobile coding program to better their future in the male dominated IT sector. The trainees are able to get life skills mentoring, experience-sharing with STEM experts, Coding skills, and industry exposure. The girls trained usually have many positive comments at the end of each event on the change of perception in Stem careers.

A trainee presents during a Miss.Africa Mobile coding project

This initiative which emphasizes on the importance of technology in enhancing collaboration in future is among the many voices finding their way into the society to help women and girls feel confident in STEM careers and proof wrong the notion that this kind of projects is set apart for their male counterparts.

Developed by DotConnectAfrica Group, the Miss.Africa program has made big strides in increasing the number of girls in the sector in Kenya and the trend is promising with new promising projects and ideas. Among its project is a seed fund initiative for women in tech start-ups that funds organizations that mobilize the women in tech agenda in the society.

The stereotyping of knowledge and skills given to girls and boys at the introduction of formal schooling combined with marginalization and  discrimination against women is a major influence of the gendered nature of education in the society today. Hence the earlier we erase it, the more development we shall welcome in the African continent with total inclusion.


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