Kenyan Teenager invents model for a solar-powered airport

Majority of airports around the world still use the good old mains power from the National Grid. However, we are in a time where renewable and sustainable energy is the way to go and a Kenyan high school student has an idea for an airport.

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15-year-old student Shashank Arvindan from Aga Khan Academy Mombasa has created a model for a solar-powered airport for Mombasa, which could save millions of shillings a year in energy charges. Arvindan created a model for a solar powered airport for Mombasa. Mombasa experiences an average of 173 days of sunshine a year and since airports spend a lot of money on electricity, this potential inspired Arvindan to work on this model.

“I wanted a project based on my passion and that could solve a specific global issue,” Arvindan was quoted as saying. “There is a lot of pollution concerns in the aviation field and this prompted me to look into solar power as part of globalisation and sustainability aspects of the project. I actually started thinking of sustainable energy when my family moved to Mombasa in 2007 and began experiencing the hot climate.”

It is quite encouraging that we have school programs in Kenya that allow students to come up with tech solutions that can be applied to our institutions. It serves to show how Kenya is ripe for technological innovations which only need to be tapped.

Such Initiatives are what drives the technological development of Kenya towards achieving the  ICT for deveopment objectives in Africa and the vision 2030.

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