Kenya’s BuuPass Brings Convenience to Commuters Through APIs & Partnerships

Kenya’s BuuPass formerly known as Magic Bus, has fast grown into a startup making major strides, partly thanks to a $1 million cash prize they won from Hult Prize but mostly, the success can be attributed to the kind of partnerships they have been able to form the two years the startup has been in existence.

So far, the Nairobi-based startup offers ticket booking services for Easy Coach and something that I learnt when I met up with the founding team, Sonia Kabra and Wyclife Omondi, BuuPass is also behind Kenya’s SGR online ticketing platform.

BuuPass reached 300,000+ users in its first year and started earning revenue, and is now moving into the growth phase, expanding to other companies and partners.

The web platform has made it easier for people to book at Easy Coach bus online. You do not have to create an account or signup to anything to book a bus. Booking through them means you can know the departure and arrival dates of a bus. They also list the fares for all Easy Coach routes and allow you to pay through your preferred payment method.

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