LG proves that taller screens are the future of smartphones

Handset screen sizes and user’s perceptions of them as large or small have grown throughout the years.

In today’s smartphone era, Bigger screens don’t cut it anymore.  In real life usage, the taller screen makes a big difference. LG is trying something new with a 2:1 aspect ratio display — essentially a normal 16:9 display that can fit a few extra lines of text at the top and bottom. And it makes a big difference.

According to Tech crunch, The G6 is roughly as wide as iPhone 7 with Apple’s case. It’s just a tiny bit taller. But when users turns those phones on, LG’s phone feels much bigger just because the screen takes over the front of the device.

While LG is the first one coming up with this new format, LG isn’t an outlier. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will also have a 2:1 display — essentially two squares on top of each other. And rumor has it that the iPhone 8 will also have a taller display without necessarily making the phone significantly bigger.

Smartphone sizes are increasing, but even red-hot trends require checks and balances. Seven-inch tablets are proving small enough and light enough to tuck into purses and even into some roomier pockets, and cheap enough for consumers to consider instead of a smartphone — or vice versa. This makes it much more comfortable to hold a phone with a large screen because it’s still quite narrow.




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