LinkedIn Lite expands to Kenya

LinkedIn, the professional online network has announced the availability of its  Lite  version in more than 60 countries globally, including Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, the Philippines,  and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, after it first launched in India.

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The LinkedIn Lite, according to the company is focused on speed and simplicity. “LinkedIn Lite is a lighter, faster version of our flagship product and includes all key features such as the news feed, profile, messaging and notifications to help our members get ahead in their careers.

Currently, LinkedIn has more than 118 million members in Asia Pacific, including more than 22 million members in the Southeast Asia region. The region remains as one of the fastest growing regions with more than 8 million in Indonesia, 4 million in the Philippines and 3 million in Malaysia.

LinkedIn Lite is now available through the web and the Android app, and includes key features such as newsfeed, profile, networks, messaging, and notifications. It is accessible by virtually any Internet-capable mobile device on the market (even on 2G networks), while the Android app is less than 1 megabyte and can reduce data usage by as much as 80%.

India is a key part of the strategy for LinkedIn. That’s not just because it is one of the fastest-growing, tech-savvy countries, but also because it is one of the biggest — number two after China in terms of population.

When LinkedIn Lite for mobile web made its debut last year (again, first in India), the company also launched an online test to help people find job placements, and a new set of business tools to help people build better profiles for themselves and their businesses. Providing a Lite mobile app completes that loop.


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