Machine Learning Ushers In A World Of Continuous Intelligence

Machine learning has simplified the heavy lifting of collecting and analyzing data.

Even with the most advanced techniques, data scientists spend countless hours developing, testing and retooling analytic models one step at a time. Worse yet, most organizations cannot find enough data scientists to complete this machine learninglabor-intensive work.

The impact is that we have not yet fully realized the promise of continuous intelligence; until now. The field of machine learning offers promises to streamline the application of analytics and create a new era of autonomous data.

It adds massive efficiencies to the process by automating the construction of these models. While the human mind can only comprehend a handful of data points at one time, computers can sort through millions of pieces of data to surface connections and present new scenarios. What’s more, machine learning systems improve over time by continuously updating models based on new data.

According to Forbes, Machine Learning is just the beginning of what will be a dramatic shift that leads us into this new era of autonomous data. Once an organization is infused with continuous intelligence, it will be empowered with a new way of thinking and working, by data scientists and business leaders alike.



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