Microsoft announces professional degree program to fill the skills gap

Microsoft wants more data scientists in the job market. But some young people need to acquire their knowledge starting completely anew, while mid-career professionals need to build on their previous experience.

As a result, Microsoft Corp. announced the Microsoft Professional Degree (MPD) program, for professionals at any

Microsoft professional degree
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stage of their career to provides professionals with real-world knowledge and hands-on experience to grow their skills in critical fields.

Microsoft reports that recognizing a shortage of qualified individuals to fill the growing need for specific job roles, the Professional Program is a new way to learn the skills and get the hands-on experience these roles require.

The MPD program is designed as both a catalyst for individuals in the early stages of their career and an enhancement for mid-career professionals looking to sharpen and learn new skills to continue their success in the dynamic high-tech job market.
Students need to enroll in specific course sessions.

A calendar for each class is available here; prospective students can read the detailed syllabus, examine the elective options for each unit and enroll on the edX page of the class. Each step requires a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 hours to be completed.

Courses are available anywhere students have access to edX; however, the courses are currently available in English only.

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