Microsoft is bringing Google accounts to Outlook

Microsoft, the biggest tech giant, has over the years been co-operative and receptive to the peoples suggestions and requests on how to make their services more effective for users worldwide. The good news is that Microsoft is working on something new.

According to reports, Microsoft has started testing their integration of Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar into their Users will be able to link their Google Account to any account and after doing so Google Calendar, documents in Google Drive, and Gmail will immediately be shown inside The integration with Google Drive will support files and documents from Google’s service, allowing users to swiftly attach them to emails in both Gmail and Outlook.

The question is when this feature goes fully live, will it be free or limited to those who pay for an additional Office 365 subscription? My guess is that we will have to wait and see. Microsoft has acknowledged that there are people working on the new features but nothing more can be said about it as they are working on it.

You may be asking yourself, is this piece of information important to me? If you own or run a business, the answer is yes. This is because the above development is Microsoft’s way of trying to make its customers active on the cloud without necessarily having to use all the Microsoft applications. For example, if you are an office 365 user but your prefer using Gmail and Google drive, the user now has options. It saves one time from shifting from one account to another. When or if this feature is to be successful, it would be such a bonus for many.

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