Microsoft launches the “Hour of Code” a campaign to equip kids with basic coding skills

The fact that technology has permeated almost every facet of our lives goes without question. Almost every individual now has access to the least technological nuggets required to operate the simplest devices. In accordance to this, Microsoft and jointly organised a global campaign, ‘Hour of Code’, to equip kids with basic coding


skills across Africa and India.

The Hour of Code is a global movement that aimed at inspiring millions of young people to try an hour of code so that they can learn basic computer science skills.

To do this, Microsoft and have released a new tutorial “Minecraft Hour of Code Designer” to enable students build their own simple Minecraft game.

According to statistics, Computer science drives innovation throughout the US economy, but it remains marginalized throughout K-12 education. Only 33 states allow students to count computer science courses toward high school graduation. While there are currently 517,393 open computing jobs nationwide.

As part of this year’s Hour of Code initiatives, Microsoft and Tamana jointly hosted students with developmental disabilities and autism, educators and experts to introduce coding and computational thinking to promote inclusive IT-based opportunities in India.



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