Microsoft Makes Significant Windows 10 Design Changes

Microsoft might finally give home users some control over how Windows 10 updates are installed  and new design changes Forbes reports.

MSPowerUser has attained an upcoming build of Windows 10 and it contains the first changes introduced by ‘Project NEON’ – a user interface upgrade. The new design for the “cleaned up” windows looks a lot like Windows 7 Aero withwindows 10 a dash of Windows Phone and Android’s Material Design thrown in for good measure cleary indicating that microsoft is making a step towards bringing back some old windows features.

The MSPowerUser points in particular to a new component called ‘Acrylic’, which adds blur to the background, sidebar and navigation within an app.

Acrylic is combined with Microsoft in calling the ‘Conscious UI’ and ‘Connected Animations’ where the former reacts to whatever is behind the current app or window and the latter is much like Material Design where the UI animates to show a transition between actions.

Microsoft recently admitted to serious  windows 10 upgrade error.

Quite simply there is no reason Microsoft shouldn’t give home users full control over non-critical updates to their PCs. In fact even Enterprise customers currently only have the option to pause non-critical updates for a maximum of four months, a ludicrous situation considering how superfluous some updates can be.

Despite teething problems, Windows 10 remains a good operating system at its heart and universal adoption is only a matter of time given sales of Windows 7 and Windows 8 have ‘ended’ and all new PCs ship with Windows 10 exclusively.


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