Microsoft Officially Launches Azure Cloud Data Centers

Microsoft has finally launched its two Azure cloud data centers in two big cities in South Africa; Cape Town and Johannesburg. With the new data centers, Azure resellers in South Africa are now able to provide enterprise-grade reliability and performance using local data residency.

Natasha Bezuidenhout, Microsoft Brand Executive at First Distribution said: “It has been Microsoft’s experience that local data center infrastructure supports and stimulates economic development for both customers and partners alike.”

She added, “Local data centers take the benefits of the cloud a step further, bolstering the technology ecosystem that supports local innovation and business, and offering enterprise-grade reliability and performance with local data residency, which is important for African companies.”

Microsoft’s cloud data centers provide its customers with reliable cloud services which allows them to meet local compliance as well as policy requirements, including Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. This is the greatest benefit that customers can get from the data centers’ service.

“The replication of data by Microsoft in multiple data centers across South Africa gives Azure customers reliable protection for business continuity, in both pure and hybrid scenarios,” said Bezuidenhout.

She continued, “This is a valuable conversation that resellers should be having with their customers now – particularly business owners that haven’t yet embraced a digital transformation because they were not comfortable with the idea of their data being stored outside of South Africa’s borders.”

Azure cloud service is available in 54 regions and across 140 countries in the world. It provides the scalable, trusted, and reliable cloud service for its global customers. Furthermore, its network comprises 100 facilities around the world. With the regional data centers, customers not only achieve global reach but also the local one.

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