Microsoft partners with Growth Africa to support East African entrepreneurs

Global technology giant Microsoft has partnered with acceleration hub Growth Africa to train 25 East African tech entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses in the second phase of its #Insiders4Good programme.

This initiative has been designed to empower East African entrepreneurs with mentorship, technology and magnify their voices through the Window Insider Program, a global community of millions of Windows users using tech to Microsoftmake a lasting impact upon the world.

Africa has been viewed as one of the greatest continents on the planet to have the best emerging economy and innovators. It has been noted that our market’s economy has so much to offer that has not been tapped yet. So far the countries mostly explored have been Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Tech Moran reports that the targeted business minds will be expected to have innovative social business ideas with the potential to improve their communities. With or without a background in technology anyone has the chance to be part of this great team. The fellows will receive a suite of Microsoft hardware and software, plus six months of tailored technical and strategic mentorship from local and international leaders.

According to the Microsoft Director of Software Engineering Bambo Sofola “East Africa is a key region where exciting new ideas are growing”. Recently, East African’s are creating extraordinary solutions that change the way communities and businesses solve problems and improve people’s lives.



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