Microsoft shows off its new Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft is adding a new Xbox button part of the guide that slides into view, with the ability to quickly switch between recent apps or games without having to navigate back to the home of the dashboard the Verge reports.

Microsoft revealed last week that it’s planning to rebuild the Xbox One dashboard with a focus on speed. While the Microsoftsoftware giant revealed common tasks will be faster, Mike Ybarra, head of platform engineering for Xbox, has now teased exactly what the new dashboard will look like.

This subtle change could speed up the Xbox One dashboard significantly. One of the big issues of the current guide is heading back to home and watching the entire system slow down and lag, or refresh randomly. The new guide is accessible with a single button press, and it appears the old home concept will be replaced entirely with this quicker method.

That should make the Xbox One guide a lot more like the Xbox 360 version, and just easier to use in general.

Microsoft is expected to start testing this new dashboard with Xbox One Preview members in the coming weeks, before releasing it to every console this spring

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