Microsoft unveils more Windows 10 Creators Update features

windows 10
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Microsoft released a new Windows 10 preview build (15002) to testers  full of new features and changes. One of the first additions is a new tab preview bar in Microsoft Edge, which lets you visually glance at the rest of your tabs without leaving the page you’re on. Microsoft also added the ability to save and restore sets of tabs so it’s quicker to resume if you’ve closed all the tabs off or restarted. User’s can also launch a new window or In Private mode from the jump list for Microsoft Edge now The Verge reports.

Windows 10 is a service, meaning it was built in a very different way than its predecessors so it can be regularly updated with not just fixes but new features too. The most recent significant update is the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, released in 2016.

Venture beats reports that Terry Myerson, executive vice president for Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, explained the three components coming to Windows 10’s 400 million users and developers. The update features 3D and mixed reality, 4K gaming, and in-game broadcasting, as well as faster ways to share and connect with your friends and family.

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