Microsoft Will Continue To Spend Over $1 Billion Per Year On Cyber security To Keep Users Safe

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Microsoft will continue to make annual investments of more than $1 billion on cyber security research and development over the coming years, showing that the company remains committed to protecting users against the data breaches that have recently been making headlines Tech Times reports.

The over $1 billion in investments that Microsoft will make for cyber safety per year does not include acquisitions that the company might make within the sector and with more users utilizing the cloud, spending on cyber security needs to go up.

According to Tech Times, Investments in cybersecurity are also heavily required due to the number of cyber attack attempts massively increasing. According to data from Microsoft, around two or three years ago, 20,000 cyber attack attempts were being made per week, but now, that figure has increased to between 600,000 to 700,000 attempts per week.

This move indicates that Microsoft is taking cyber safety very seriously, which is understandable given the high stakes involved in the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10.

While Microsoft will be introducing a myriad of features catered for creative professionals, the update will also improve Windows Defender and transform it into Windows Defender Security Center.

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