Microsoft ‘s playable ads allows users to try apps without downloading

Playable Ads are Microsoft ’s way of allowing you to stream an app from the Windows Store and try it out before purchasing and downloading it.

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Microsoft has introduced a new way to try Windows 10 apps without installing them — but it’s still with the developers. Engadget reported that this week that Microsoft announced Playable Ads, which will let users try a Windows 10 app before they decide to download. In theory, Microsoft’s Playable Ads will stream the full app to you via the ad, which lets you try the app as if you have it installed in your PC or laptop.

Google already has their own version dubbed “Instant Apps” which does the same thing, letting you try out the application before buying it. In both instances you’ll be using an app that wasn’t originally downloaded to your mobile phone.

The stream will last for three minutes to give you time to get a feel of whether the app is something you want or need.

The time limit won’t be all that helpful when it’s unlikely that you’ll finish the first level of most games, let alone find your way around a complex productivity app. However, Microsoft is betting that playable ads are still much better than judging a title based on tiny ad graphics

Playable Ads are still in a limited preview, so don’t rush to your Windows device hoping to try this out, but Microsoft hasn’t announced when Playable Ads will go live.


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