Microsoft’s Slack competitor to launch next week

Microsoft has plans to make its Slack competitor, Microsoft Teams, available to Office 365 customers next week to make Microsoft Teams live around the world reports the Verge.

Microsoft has demonstrated a number of integrations for Teams, including the ability to connect Twitter accounts to chat rooms and integrate Skype for audio and voice calls. microsoft

As predicted, the app features threaded chats, keeping different conversations grouped together, along with a deep integration with Skype for voice and video calls built into the app. In fact, the company has built a number of its own offerings into the app, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Office 365 Groups forms the basis of the application, allowing users to share information across different apps.

Different non-chat functions are filled at the top in a series of tabs on the top dashboard, so users can flip between different information, be it stored notes in OneNote or graphs through BI. It’s a clean way to incorporate a large number of different information sources into a single place, without overwhelming one channel.

The company showed off a few bots last year, as well, including T-Bot, which is a centralized help system that crawls an informational index, answering questions. Similarly, WhoBot searches people, so users can search for co-workers by asking contextual questions.



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