Mobile Based App Services for Motorists Disrupts Insurance Broker Jobs

A mobile-based insurance app is threatening to drive brokers out of town.

The service allows clients seeking motor insurance to log onto a firm’s platform to apply, pay and get cover from anywhere and at any time.

Upon purchasing a policy, a client receives an electronic version of the policy document via the app.

The online car insurance app, the brainchild of tech firm Griffins, eliminates the need for brokers and salespeople who have been blamed for taking payments but not submitting them to insurers, exposing clients to risk.

Griffin Insurance Company founder Jihan Abass and her team of technology experts created the insurance app to ease the woes customers encounter in dealing with brokers.

“The current insurance process is like using a feature phone in the age of smartphones; why would anyone use an old phone when newer technologies are available,” asks Ms Jihan, a graduate of Oxford University.

The company offers two types of cover — comprehensive and the mandatory third party only insurance.

The online application gets rid of the traditional paperwork and offers digital insurance services on the go.

Griffin marketing manager Ummulkher Mohamed said their team is on call around the clock to help customers in an emergency using the latest technology to deliver fast rescue in real-time at the click of a button.

The insured will, at the click of a button, know the nearest police station, hospital, garage or security firm closer to the scene of accidents and seek the help they require.

For instance, when a motorist’s vehicle develops a puncture on a lonely or insecure road, one can request for security from the nearest patrol vehicle whose crew will stay with them until the problem is sorted.

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