Mobile phone penetration almost reaching saturation in Kenya

Mobile phone technology is a natural evolution of technology today.

As technology penetration levels rises in Kenya, Mobile phone technology draws closer to saturation. According to the Communication Authority of Kenya, mobile technology penetration now stands at 88.1%. This clearly indicates that almost every man and woman has an access to a mobile phone device with majority owning smartphones for internet connectivity.

Mobile Penetration in Kenya

The technology has developed greatly over the years.The common challenge for most people now is not owning a device but lack of access to affordable data plans. The combination of a strong economic climate and increasing internet and mobile connectivity in Kenya has created a favourable competitive landscape which has brought more brands and cheaper devices to the market.

According to Pew Research Center, mobile phones have different uses for different people, but sending text messages and taking pictures or video are the most popular activities among mobile owners.

With more than 40% of Kenyans earning less than US$1.25, it is difficult for most people to own a PC hence Mobile phones  become the best alternative for Internet connectivity and other services. Mobile money services especially have made it essential for anyone to own a mobile phone in Kenya.

This trend clearly indicates that the mobile phone novelty is no longer a new idea to most Kenyans and with time, it will be an essential requirement for everyone.




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