Moringa School Lowers fees to graduate more women

Moringa School,  a software developer accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya, has launched a women’s boot camp program with a 50% subsidy in November 2017 to help it graduate over 100 women.

The program will also help test the effectiveness of coding boot camps on women’s outcomes. Dubbed Moringa Prep, the boot camps are targeted at students who want access to world-class coding content.

On her part, Moringa CEO, Audrey Cheng said they have been testing and iterating their content and education model for the last 3 years and are excited to push more for diversity so that more women can access their high quality education and outcomes program.

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On one hand the subsidy is a great initiative as it will encourage more women into STEM, on the other hand, Moringa is likely under a lot of pressure from poster child Andela which is also targeting the same crop of young STEM talent.

Launched in 2014, Andela aims to combat the global technical talent shortage by investing in Africa’s most talented software developers. The firm has hired 500 developers to date — the top 0.7% of more than 70,000 applicants from across the continent.

Andela recently secured $40M in Series C funding to launch offices in two additional African countries over the next year, doubling its developer base from 500 to 1,000 to meet growing demand. It is present in Nigeria, Kenya and recently launched in Uganda.

The future of Moringa lies in its innovativeness, readiness to embrace learning or pivot or cautiously expand its course offerings.  The firm has hugely focused on its brilliant Nairobi Tech Week event to help it acquire more users and to foot some domestic bills. However, like a power shift, Moringa School’s touch of class is no longer magnetic and Andela is rising to the occasion.

“Supporting gender diversity and inclusion starts with bringing in more female voices into the room,” said Savannah Kunovsky, Moringa’s CTO. “And to do that, we need to train more women to have skills in traditionally male-dominated industries.”

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