Morocco Leads in Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa

African countries have shown their interest and willingness to strive for science, technology, and innovation led development in the coming years. Most African countries have underdeveloped STI institutions and fail to effectively generate and deploy knowledge and technological innovations for socioeconomic growth.

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According to  the Africa Capacity Report the Africa Capacity Report,  issued Tuesday, March 28 2017, Morocco is leading in science, technology and innovation capacity in Africa.  The country scored the highest index values, with 71.6 in science, technology, and innovation, followed by Tanzania’s 68.8 and Rwanda’s 68.2, showed the report. The kingdom also topped the list in 2014.

The assessment was based on various components including policy environment, implementation, development results at country level and capacity development results. The North African country, with a population of over 32 million was positioned as the 115th on the greater scale of Internet download speeds, with an average of 2.84Mbps in 2012 by Net Index. Fixed Internet Meditel scored the highest download speed with 6.98 Mbps.  

The growth in Morroco is being spurred on by continued investment within the ICT sector by recognised global suppliers like IBM. In terms of technology use and investment, the country’s expenditures include everything from computer hardware, software and services right through to communications services and wired & wireless networks.


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