New Bitcoin Exchange launched in Kenya

Belfrics Global Pte Limited, a Malaysia based bitcoin technology provider has announced the launch of its bitcoin exchange in Kenya.

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With this launch, Belfrics is now available across three markets including India and its international-based exchange located in Singapore. Belfrics intends to capitalize on the growing demand for its services in Kenya, which is one of the top markets on the African continent.

Belfrics Kenya will offer exchange services in addition to other digital services revolving around the Blockchain.The company also provides a POS system and payment gateway for merchants to accept bitcoins as payment, enhancing their scope of business.

The rise of this digital cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, the Blockchain, has also brought with it many investors and companies looking at how they can expand their footprint in this space. According to the company CEO and Chairman, Praveenkumar Vijayakumar, the company has received very positive support in the last couple months it has been testing its services in Kenya. This has necessitated its official launch to further expand its growth in the country and the region.

In the beginning of the year, CryptoNinjas spoke with Mr. Kumar as the company was gearing up to launch their India-based exchange.

Belfrics intends to tap the largely unbanked Kenyan population by providing services through desktop and mobile devices. The company has set a goal to become the largest bitcoin exchange for the African continent and is targeting 100,000 investors from Africa in the first 12 months of operation.


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