Nigeria leads Africa in online shopping technology

The digital age has seen the rise of many activities that used to require you to leave the house, but can now be done from the comfort of your couch. A recent survey has shown that Nigerians shop more online than other sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries.

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The rise of online shopping is clear to see as many people no longer feel the need to flock to crowded shopping malls on weekends, instead they can spend as long as they want, all day if needs be, searching online shops from around the world for items which their hearts desire.

This has led consumer businesses to adapt or die as they say, moving online and creating online stores which offer fast delivery and easy payment solutions.

According to GeoPoll, which conducted the survey on five African countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana, said though there have been significant growth in online shopping on the continent, but SSA still don’t trust e-commerce sites.

According to the survey, 66 per cent of Nigerians buy items online every few months compared with 60 per cent in South Africa and 45 per cent in Kenya.

However, at least 55 per cent of Ghanaians and 51 per cent of Ugandans have never bought anything online.

The report discovered that many of those who had tried online shopping had only tried it once. Already, eCommerce sub-Sector in Nigeria is estimated to worth $10 billion with some 300,000 online orders expected each day. The worth is projected to hit $13 billion by 2018.




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