Mobile has become a platform of creating and consuming innovative digital solutions not only in Kenya but in Africa. A number of reasons are driving this trend- including the expansion of advanced mobile networks. Also, phone manufacturing companies are launching new smartphones every month, with improved features with every upgrade. However, a good number desire to own these devices but are financially limited.

Lipa Later (Swahili term for ‘pay later’), a flagship product of Odyssey Capital is solving this financial problem. With its partnership with tech companies some of which include Samsung, Tecno Mobiles, Sony Kenya, Oppo, Huawei and other authorized dealers and distributors, you can own any smartphone of your choice and pay in monthly installments.

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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, besides providing constant connection with our social and work networks, they have become a source of information on news and building knowledge. A mobile device today is a social, educational, and economic tool that can build communities and businesses. Odyssey Capital understands these, and is helping people in Kenya meet these needs through Lipa Later.

82% of Kenyan owns mobile phones, of these only 19% own smartphones. This is a very huge gap with all the efforts and focus to bridge the digital divide in the country. An open internet will not unlock the possibilities of the Web for a significant number of people, if they lack a device to use to access this internet.

With the current economic state, most Kenyan households will first purchase their basic needs before purchase of mobile phones and other devices, usually very little to buy a device that fulfills their needs. With this payment plan, anyone can comfortably afford a smart phone.

As more and more groups such as government and non-government organizations invest in technology to help internet connectivity, without provision of devices to use these infrastructure, these programs are susceptible to failure. These groups need to understand that our local communities do not make use of such infrastructure if they do not have the right devices.

Lipa Later is a flexible installment plan that is easy to access, and will pay up to 90% of the total cost of the device and allow the individual to enjoy using the device as they pay in installments. With such payment platforms, Kenya is headed in the right direction, in ensuring that at least half the number of mobile phone owners own smartphones, to help expand learning and knowledge for a larger population