The Public should be cautious of cyber fraud activities, Cyberspace experts warn.

Cybersecurity will never get better until we are able to curb cyber crime.Cybersecurity

In an increasingly digital world, criminals have the information and the means to ensure that high profile security breaches. As technology evolves, so do the threats being developed by hackers who have a whole host of motivations for wanting to disrupt businesses of all sizes. It’s a constant battle but thankfully one that has resulted in increasingly sophisticated security tools coming to the market.

According to Beta News,  it’s reported that attacks have increased by 3,500 percent in 2016, hitting 41 percent of businesses and bringing in revenues of more than $1 billion for cyber criminals.

It is also feared that the emergence of the much heralded quantum computing will only enhance the power of the hackers’ toolkit — as much as it will bring the technologies designed to thwart them.

Cyberspace experts and agencies have urged organisations and individuals to be cautious of cyber fraud activities and put in place a defensive mechanism to maintain cybersecurity while preventing intrusion. They also urged managers to use security cables, identify risks and make employees aware of various forms of vulnerability and the role they play in cyber security.

They must also consider internal and external representatives when planning cybersecurity programmes, and develop a robust response protocol in the event of a breach, in a bid to fight cyber crime.

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