Quick tips to secure yourself against Cyber Threats

There are many different ways to reduce cyber threats. First of all, computer security patches are continually released for operating systems that are widely used in the business world. Therefore, make sure your systems have all been updated with the latest security patches.


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Remember, trying to protect all your assets against all possible risks equally is never profitable. Therefore, you need to prioritize which assets are the most valuable and which threats are the most dangerous. Our devices, our cars, our homes, our phones, our workplaces and even our clothes are connected to bring the world closer, but this also opens a Pandora’s box of cyber threats associated with this connectedness.


While the heart of the subject remains in the evangelization of users to make their actions more reliable on the internet, software, and devices must also adopt a strict security policy to protect internet users during their computer activities. In the past, companies did not have the resources to analyze the cyber threats. On the other hand, it is now possible to predict future cyber threats. This concept is called predictive security.

When the attack has already taken place, it will be much too late to think about how to protect against it. How often do you use a computer system in a day? Remember, training and user awareness is not the only way and is just one more element to consider in securing computer systems.


Remember, internet security concerns the security of information. In a world where virtually all infrastructures are connected to the internet, the threat is omnipresent. On the other hand, there are simple protocols you may put in place which above all make it possible to help employees to be aware of the issue of cyber-security.

Undergoing a cyberattack on a company reveals to the world a failure in the information system, and this directly impacts the brand image. There are, of course, technological solutions that prevent viruses from entering computer systems. Therefore, the development of a suitable security policy is essential.

System Defense

In computing, using the default system defenses amounts to using wooden shields to protect against a bazooka. Service companies, therefore, offer comprehensive defense strategies. You may also find turnkey cyber security solutions in the form of subscriptions.

Cybersecurity includes, of course, the concepts of defense and prevention, but goes beyond these measures to focus on the response and resilience of the organization in times of crisis. In addition to this, you must use firewalls, have secure connections, have safe internet practices, and use a VPN. On the other hand, security aims to prevent and manage security incidents, but it does not prepare the organization to deal with the consequences of a cyberattack and to recover its ability to create value after being the victim of a cyberattack.

To provide an example of how crucial cybersecurity is: financial fraud attempts are numerous, and to fight against these fraud attempts the banks must invest in rather heavy control procedures. Have you defined necessary security policies that your organization can use to protect your computers, information, and devices? Remember, a cyberattack can come from isolated people or organized groups.

Protecting sensitive information may seem rather straightforward. However, it is frequently very complicated. Remember, everything will rest on complex IT infrastructures.

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