Reaching the mobile tipping point

Mobile has transformed how we shop, socialize, research, work, and connect with today’s world.

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In this age of mobile connectivity, marketers are fully aware that they must think mobile or get left behind.  While this has been an increasing focus for some time now, many marketers are not prepared.  Our lives have become, in many ways, a ‘mobile experience’. We’ve become inseparable from, dependent on and emotionally attached to our devices to the extent that we feel lost without them.

Whether for social media, banking, business tasks, buying and selling products, or for identification purposes, mobile devices are an essential part of everyday life.

Never before has a mobile strategy been so pivotal in the overall marketing mix.  Mobile accounted for 45.1% of web-shopping traffic in the first quarter of 2016  just edging out desktops at 45%, according to a study from Demandware.  Mobile is expected to account for 60% of all ecommerce traffic.

To benefit from widespread success IT News Africa reports that, Mobile ID services will be dependent on collaboration between public authorities, banks, telecom operators and the private sector. The first key factor is the role of government in creating a trusted framework and the second is to provide user protection when utilizing online services.

What we must learn from all of this is not just the surprises though – a significant amount of development will be required in both the public and private sectors to meet consumer expectations of the future. Keeping end users happy will be a team game, at least for the next decade. How else will we develop trust with our customers, giving them the confidence to transact securely online? How else will we meet the demand from half of the survey’s respondents expecting their smartphones to become the main form of ID?

As we get closer to 2025 and beyond, the expectations will only grow in ambition, complexity and diversity. As we all work together to meet these, it is crucial we ensure security is a primary focus throughout, without compromising convenience and the overall customer experience along the way.



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