Reactions and new camera effects are coming to Facebook Lite

You probably know Facebook Lite, which is a stripped version of the official Facebook app which is targeted for those individuals that need to have the core Facebook experience while using less data.

Since Facebook Lite is a stripped version of the bloated Facebook app, there are features that you enjoy on the latter that you don’t get on the former and one of them was Reactions. Well, you can scrap that from the list of features that you don’t get on Facebook Lite as Facebook has updated it with Reactions.

The social networking giant today introduced new features from the original Facebook app to Facebook Lite, according to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. These include India-specific camera effects and the Reactions feature. The plans were originally announced at A Place to Connect, an event Facebook held yesterday.

India is one of Facebook’s biggest markets, but much of the country still has to make do with slower network connections. In order to bring a faster and more reliable experience to users in India and other countries with slower mobile networks, Facebook launched a Lite version of its original app in 2015.

Facebook Reactions has become a popular feature in the social network and apparently according to the company, it has been used over 300 billion times on posts to date.



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