Safaricom Rebrands logo & Tagline after 17 years

Safaricom has been at the forefront of Kenya’s mobile communication needs for almost two decades now.

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From the days of lining up for hours in order to access the ‘Simu Ya Jamii’ to getting your first phone which had to be sustained by airtime of over 500 Bob to a time where we can access mobile loans in seconds just shows that nothing is impossible with Safaricom.

The Telco Giant launched a new logo, not so different from the old one and dropped its long-time tagline, “the better option” for “Twaweza”, a Swahili word, meaning we can.

With the new changes, Safaricom’s CEO, Bob Collymore said that the telco giant was now focused on building a more human network that leverages the strength of their talent.

We are now able to connect to other parts of the world at incredible speeds thanks to 4G, 4G+ and Safaricom Fibre, we are able to pay our water, electricity and health bills and we have money at our fingertips thanks to the genius invention that is M-Pesa which now has over 26 million customers and over 140,000 M-PESA Agent outlets countrywide.

The rebranding according to the telco giant’s CEO is meant to reposition it as a brand leader. According to the Safaricom website, the Twaweza Tagline signifies the Kenyan spirit which is ultimately a mindset, one that is continually looking at positive ways to overcome the hurdles of life or to make the next great step towards future breakthroughs. It requires many things – passion, time, effort and people.


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