Samsung Ushers in a New Era in Home Entertainment With QLED TV

Samsung Electronics has launched its new QLED Q9, Q8, and Q7 TV series with the conviction that this latest range of TVs will create an entirely new era in home entertainment.

The technology advanced TVs were unveiled during the Samsung Africa Forum held in Cape Town last week, when several other new products were showcased

By improving the colour performance further, the DCI-P3 colour space within the QLED TV is able to reproduce 100% color volume. This means the TV can express all colors at any level of brightness with even the subtlest differences visible at the QLED’s peak luminance, between 1500 and 2000 nits. It should be noted that this is a first for Samsung to do so.
Colour volume represents colour that can be expressed at varying levels of brightness. For example, a leaf can be perceived to have many different shades, ranging from yellowish-green to turquoise, depending on the brightness of the light. Samsung’s QLED TV displays are able to capture these subtle differences in colour pertaining to brightness.
Consumers can control most connected TV devices from a single source with the enhanced Samsung One Remote; and the “Smart Hub” interface has also been extended to smartphones through Samsung’s new and improved “Smart View” app, which now provides consumers to use their mobile device to select and start their favorite live TV programs and video-on-demand services on their TV.



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