South Africa’s ideas collaboration platform Nectir raises $2m for business innovation

South Africa’s  online ideas collaboration platform Nectir, which is based in Johannesburg, has raised $2m in seed funding to lead the next wave of business innovation management systems.

Using strategy alignment and social gamification elements, the Australian-owned company, with presence in SydneyPerth & Canberra, as well as Johannesburg in South Africa has recently launched globally and signed up more than twenty-five corporates, representing approximately 68,000 users, already signed-up and in trial.

According to  Nectir’s Executive Director Brad Dessington they have created a platform that offers business an almost infinite source of ideas and solutions to their business growth, from their own staff,within an interface that first and foremost understands how to get employees to participate in innovation.”

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The platform equips employees with solutions to issues in their immediate workflow, or to be part of groups that solve a challenge issued by the executive. Managers can select ideas and solutions to promote to sprints, fast paced selected teams, who are tasked with providing a viable business solution for executive approval and implementation.

Nectir was built to provide a way for people to co- create and be rewarded for both their performance and collaboration.

Nectir uses intuitive interfaces that are familiar to anyone with a social media account and creates an environment where agile teamwork and continuous improvement are not only encouraged, but are actively fostered and rewarded. The platform assigns successes and behaviours with ‘points’, social recognition and custom incentives set by the business, staff are motivated to excel and achieve recognition among colleagues and management.

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