Startup grows in cybersecurity industry

The growth of cybersecurity into a global industry is the result of the weaponisation of code. Initially, online users could enjoy online communication, commerce and convenience without having to think about security.

A local company is making a name for itself in the cyber security world, an industry worth more than $120 billion and counting.  The Miamisburg-based Secure Cyber Defense is a young startup, just recently marking two years in

Cyber Attack

business. Shawn Waldman, president and CEO, told this newspaper that its growth was almost immediate. The company provides secure IT consulting, vulnerability scanning, network services, among other security services

With the evolution of more of our life into zeros and ones and the rise of the internet of things, cybersecurity needs to be accounted for as a central feature in all products being developed and commercialised.

The cyber threat is becoming ever important  as more companies and government entities are subjected to hacking and cyber security threats. Just in recent months, both Arby’s and Noodles & Company told customers that they were investigating major data breaches Dayton News reports.

Cyber crime damages will cost organizations, governments and businesses across the world about $1 trillion annually by 2021, according to the Cybersecurity Ventures marketing firm.



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