STEM and its Influence in Africa Students

Photo Credits: KABGAYI, RWANDA – The ETEKA is a vocational school for trainees in the automotive business. (Photo by Thomas Imo/Photothek via Getty Images)

The current discussion of Africa’s heralded economic growth and rise as a world power is leading to increased optimism and self-confidence on the continent.

As more African students become interested in dynamic careers that require skills that apply Science Technology Engineering and Math,  African nations have begun to accept the growing STEM educational opportunities that men and women are providing in their respective nations.

STEM are applied educational initiatives that have a foundation in the scientific models, but integrate hands-on learning, team work, building leadership skills and incorporate higher order and critical thinking skills.

The more African’s are involved in STEM the more they can assure they will have a stake in how their nations and continent are growing and influential in the diverse markets and even foreign investments by outside nations.

Developing the necessary critical and higher order thinking skills that are applied to problem solving and even complex thinking in the development of new ways to harness natural sources of energy and exploration in new areas of engineering and tech that are needed to forge Africa as a global influencer.

African political leadership has yet to embrace the STEM Education imperative for transforming African society with the enthusiasm it deserves; and policies aimed at addressing Africa’s long-term prospects in STEM need to be situated within a global context, to better appreciate all the actors and forces influencing its development, as well as the level of attention and effort required for meaningful progress.

Nations that have developed high technological capacities understand the importance of world-class STEM education all too well, and they are increasingly strengthening their scientists and STEM institutions to build strong reputations and compete for the best international students, faculties and resources.

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