Strong passwords provide good defense as Internet of Things grows

The IoT is expanding faster than device makers’ interest in cybersecurity. National Cyber Security Alliance and ESET Report indicates that , only half of the 15,527 consumers surveyed said that concerns about the cybersecurity of an IoT device have discouraged them from buying one.

Slightly more than half of those surveyed said they own up to three devices—in addition to their computers and smartphones—that connect to their home routers, with another 22 percent having between four and 10 additional connected devices. Yet 43 percent of respondents reported either not having changed their default router passwords or not being sure if they had.

Like leaving the front door of your home wide open when you leave, many people leave personal information online for anyone to find.

Security cameras, cars and even refrigerators are getting upgraded to connect to the internet, which means more daily interactions are done online. The connections make some tasks easier and more efficient, but the devices also come with new risks.

Security experts say making hard-to-crack passwords is the best step to online security. They also said people should always change the passwords that come with the device, especially for things like internet routers, which can look secure but are generally just one in a series.

For secure passwords, use a phrase that’s unique to you, and mix up the characters. When it’s possible, use two-factor authentication, which usually involves a text or email that gets sent to verify it’s actually you trying to sign in.


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