Surge in tech hubs give African startups a place to grow

Africa’s tech scene is surging. Across the continent, new hubs, labs and co-working environments are giving rise to oases of innovation.

These meeting places act as a bridge between technology start-ups, investors and academics, nurturing collaborations. Entrepreneurs experiment together and learn from one another, supported by the hubs’ ICT

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infrastructure and mentoring programmes.

The results – from the ‘crowdmapping’ tool Ushahidi to homebrew solar heaters to a farmers’ cooperative – are strengthening community-led food and energy systems, and could bring new resilience to local economies.

Africa is experiencing a perfect storm of young people, maturing education systems, and growing mobile phone services and use. A few noteworthy achievements, including Safaricom’s M-Pesa mobile payment service, have attracted the attention of investors, both inside the continent and outside.

Additionally, the mobile Web is a very new opportunity in Africa, and Africa, of course, doesn’t have these types of investors, so getting them to come here [from abroad] will be of great benefit for an ecosystem that lacks experienced investors. Leveraging investment from abroad is not a bad thing if it serves the interests of the community that produces the wealth, as well as those who are risking their money.

The various tech hubs in Africa vary a lot in their scale, objectives and business models.  Some aspire to be fully-fledged ICT business incubators, others seek to grow through a franchise model, while others look to external seed funding from commercial partners or co-working spaces, where entrepreneurs come together to shape and refine business ideas

The Forum for the future reports that the ability of the African tech sector to attract high-profile investment is partly due to improvements to the continent’s IT infrastructure. With this trend the Continent is headed to the higher technological spheres globally.




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