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Safaricom extends 4G coverage across the country in an onslaught against Faiba Mobile

Safaricom extends 4G coverage across the country in an onslaught against Faiba Mobile

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Safaricom has extended its 4G network to all the 47 counties in Kenya in a competitive bid that will see clueless Jamii Telecom’s Faiba Mobile struggle to catch up. Safaricom also announced that by the month of November 2017 its active 4G subscribers had reached 1 million across the country. “The country has consistently stood out as a global innovation powerhouse and a leader in global mobile technology adoption. This milestone further cements Kenya’s position and establishes a strong foundation for future innovation,” said Joseph Ogutu, Director – Strategy, Safaricom. The company says the milestone has been achieved with its 4G network now available across all 47 counties in the country. Safaricom became the first network to rollout a 4G network in the country in December 2014.
Safaricom Rebrands  logo & Tagline after 17 years

Safaricom Rebrands logo & Tagline after 17 years

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Safaricom has been at the forefront of Kenya’s mobile communication needs for almost two decades now. From the days of lining up for hours in order to access the ‘Simu Ya Jamii’ to getting your first phone which had to be sustained by airtime of over 500 Bob to a time where we can access mobile loans in seconds just shows that nothing is impossible with Safaricom. The Telco Giant launched a new logo, not so different from the old one and dropped its long-time tagline, “the better option” for “Twaweza”, a Swahili word, meaning we can. With the new changes, Safaricom’s CEO, Bob Collymore said that the telco giant was now focused on building a more human network that leverages the strength of their talent. We are now able to connect to other parts of the world at incredible speeds t

Counties to use wireless technology

SOME counties will have to be served by the the 4G wireless technology instead of fibre optic cable as the government moves fast to cover all the parts of the country before next year. Information PS Bitange Ndemo said all the county governments have to be internet linked by December but they will not be relying on the cable connection only. more