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Why has ICANN not released Initial Evaluation results for Uniforum’s .africa application?

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Soon ICANN activities and management of the new gTLD program, much as it’s mostly an unchartered destiny is going to reveal just how hard it is to stay neutral in processing different applications. So far some applications have  received their evaluation results earlier than those whose priority numbers come first. Durban South Africa is the latest destination for ICANN international meeting, and conveniently it is in Africa, the home of the most contested gTLD. .Africa was once a very attractive domain that has turned quite unpopular after a sustained and mostly unfair fight between the two principal applicants of the domain name string: DotConnectAfrica Trust from Kenya and Uniforum ZACR from South Africa. What will make this all controversial is not that one applicant is weaker or str

iCow SMS Mobile App Partners With Safaricom

Safaricom has in partnership with Green Dreams Limited officially launched iCow, an SMS based mobile application aimed at promoting smart dairy farming. By subscribing to the short code, *285#, Kenya’s 5 million dairy farmers can now access tips on better farming methods which will help them improve their dairy output and subsequently, their revenues for Kshs. 3 per message. “iCow survey data shows farmers who have been on iCow for 7 months begin to realise an increase of milk of between 2-3 litres per animal per day. This is an increase of about 610-930 litres a year which translates into an average increased income of 25-30k per animal per year. iCow data shows farmers have reduced cow and calf mortality thus enabling farmers grow their greatest asset base,” Su Kahumbu, Green Dream

DotConnectAfrica Confident of Win Despite New gTLD Program Committee resolutions on .africa

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Two new gTLD applicants face a similar type of response from both the GAC that gave a controversial GAC Objection Advice which claimed to have reached consensus on .africa application and .gcc. Both applicants responded ICANN concerning their applications.   DotConnectAfrica particularly addressed several important issues that ought to have been considered before the most recent report by the New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC).  In their initial response, DCA said: We totally disagree with it, and would like to repudiate and reject it in the strongest possible terms. From the outset, we would like to urge the esteemed Board of Directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers not to accept this iniquitous, tendentious and inequitable GAC Objection Advice, and to comp
A future made in Africa: 50 Trailblazers under 50 MADE IN AFRICA includes a .africa applicant

A future made in Africa: 50 Trailblazers under 50 MADE IN AFRICA includes a .africa applicant

Trailblazers under 50 includes Obama, Didier Drogba, Hadeel Ibrahim among other African icons of influence. The NewAfrican a leading pan-African current affairs magazine an IC, in its May collector’s edition, looks at a Future Made in Africa and, in a 60 page supplement. This coincides with the African Union Formerly OAU jubilee celebration. The release focuses more on infrastructural, innovative and economic reflections on the work of individuals throughout Africa who have in one way or the other catalyzed a remarkable project in their daily activities. The edition has internationally renowned Ghanaian designer Ozwald Boateng, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and founder of the Made in Africa Foundation as the guest editor.  Other distinguished editorial contributors inclu
“Not so fast Jack”  Says DotConnectAfrica to .africa delegation

“Not so fast Jack” Says DotConnectAfrica to .africa delegation

"The .Africa domain name string is nowhere near delegation by ICANN and any talk of starting to plan and prepare for the launching of the new gTLD by UniForum is almost like living in a fool's paradise." In a new stinging rejoinder characteristic of their regular press releases, DotConnectAfrica an applicant for the .africa string has  refuted claims by the CEO of its competitor Uniforum ZACR who announced albeit prematurely that they were ready to go on with .africa. Reacting to a statement “Now we are finally moving out of the application phase, thanks to government support, and are ready to start planning the launch and marketing of the new local domain names.” By Neil Dundas in an interview titled “New local domains see breakthrough”with ITWEB South Africa. DotConnectAfri