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CryptoLocker Email Attachments Sent to Tens of Millions in UK

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Tens of millions of online banking customers in the U.K. are the targets of a dangerous spam campaign enticing users to open an attachment containing the CryptoLocker ransomware. The U.K.’s National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit posted an advisory late last week warning people to be vigilant about opening email attachments, in particular those from small- and medium-sized banks and financial institutions. “The emails may be sent out to tens of millions of UK customers, but appear to be targeting small and medium businesses in particular,” the advisory said. “This spamming event is assessed as a significant risk.” The attachments purport to be about a number of potential issues with a user account, including details of suspicious transactions, invoices, voicemails or fax

Israeli tunnel hit by cyber attack

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AP Exclusive: Key operations in Haifa out of commission two straight days, major losses. HADERA, Israel (AP) — When Israel's military chief delivered a high-profile speech this month outlining the greatest threats his country might face in the future, he listed computer sabotage as a top concern, warning a sophisticated cyberattack could one day bring the nation to a standstill. Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz was not speaking empty words. Exactly one month before his address, a major artery in Israel's national road network in the northern city of Haifa suffered a cyberattack, cybersecurity experts tell The Associated Press, knocking key operations out of commission two days in a row and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. One expert, speaking on condition of anonymity becau

Indonesia rated top source of Cyber-Attack Traffic

The unexpected surge in cyber-attacks coming from Indonesia earlier this year wasn't a fluke. The country has overtaken China to become the No. 1 source of attack traffic in the world, according to a report by Akamai Technologies to be published later today. Indonesia accounted for 38 percent of hacking-related traffic on servers Akamai monitored in the second quarter, up from 21 percent at the beginning of the year. China, a notorious haven for hacking, fell to No. 2, with a third of global attack traffic. The U.S. share fell to 6.9 percent, but the country remained in third place. Determining exactly where a cyber-attack operation is centralized is difficult because a hacker can take over victims' machines located in another country. However, the sudden rise of Indonesia, which acc...

SA govt websites ‘defaced’ and ‘not hacked’, say officials

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Three South African government websites were ‘defaced’ by hackers and ‘not hacked’, says the State Information Technology Agency (Sita), which hosts the sites. On Sunday morning, the department of social development’s website opened to a black page with a window containing an animated graphic saying “Website hacked by H4ksniper” and another image depicting a heart rate monitor. more