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New TLDs come out with a whimper

Those hoping for a “big bang” of new TLDs are surely disappointed in how the rollout is taking place. I’ve talked to a number of new top level domain name applicants who believe new TLDs need to come out with a “big bang.” A bunch of great domain options backed by big marketing budgets need to come out early on to make a big splash and give the program momentum. It’s becoming more and more apparent that this isn’t going to happen. Instead of coming out with a bang, they’re coming out with a whimper. There are two main reasons for this. 1. The registrars aren’t ready. Although 222 registry contracts have been signed with ICANN, and many domains are heading into sunrise, many registrars aren’t ready. When it comes to sunrise, most registrars aren’t aren’t promoting it. When شبكة. wen

CentralNic, DotConnectAfrica’s Registry Partner Formally Announces September IPO

CentralNic, a registry partner with DotConnectAfrica for the ‘.africa registry’ has formally announced its plans for a September IPO on the AIM Market (“AIM”) of the London Stock Exchange. “CentralNic is a registry service provider which supports top level domains (“TLDs” such as .la) and second level domains (“SLDs” such as .uk.com), distributing and powering domain names that end with those TLDs and SLDs, such as www.artweek.la and www.avon.uk.com “CentralNic uses its in-house developed IT platform to provide the domain name system (“DNS”) infrastructure and distribute its own portfolio of domain names and for third party owners of TLDs and SLDs (also known as “registry operators”) “CentralNic distributes to a global network or “registrars” (retailers such as GoDaddy and Network Solut