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.Africa is a SHE, says CEO of ICANN

.Africa is a SHE, says CEO of ICANN

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During the ICANN 50 Press Conference in London the ICANN president was fielding questions from Journalists, and in a demonstration of ICANN accountability process, Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN used .africa as an example that the ICANN process must be followed.    Reports Domainingafrica  The .africa string was also a subject that has been mentioned quite severally during the ICANN 50 meeting that started from 22-26 June 2014, by the AUC and the competition losing patience over the ICANN process.   The ICANN president noted DotConnectAfrica's  "right" to file for IRP stating that: "Similarly the Africa where single applicant has filed an IRP she decided that this is her right and it her right and we should let her pursue her right even if the whole African Union has a different vie

Do we really need new domain names?

Late last month the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) took the radical step of approving nine new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs): .bike, .clothing, .guru, .camera, .lighting, .voyage, .holdings,  .equipment and .singles.  These gTLDs, while available to registered companies with the appropriate trade marks, will only be released to the public in January 2014.These are part of a list of over 1400 gTLDs that will be released by ICANN in the next few years at a rate of about 10 new names every week. Domain names were conceived in the early ARPANET days as an abstraction over computers’ numerical addresses that were difficult to remember. There are two types of Top Level Domain names (TLDs): country code TLDS (ccTLDS) such as .zw which is managed by POTRAZ a

District Judge LIAM O’GRADY Rules Domain Names Are Not Property under Virgina Law

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A Virgina federal judge has ruled that domain names are not property under Virgina Law. The case is ALEXANDRIA SURVEYS, LLC, , v. ALEXANDRIA CONSULTING GROUP, LLC, (ACG)  Civil Action No. 1:13-CV-00891, United States District Court, E.D. Virginia, Alexandria Division and was handed down by District Judge LIAM O’GRADY The case was an appeal from a Bankruptcy court decision, which involved a lot of issues, but we are going to limit our review of the case only as it applied to disucssion related to the the domain name of Alexandria LLC, ALEXANDRIASURVEY.COM, which was ordered by the Bankruptcy Court to be sold to paythe creditors. The Debtor argued  that the domain name  and phone numbers sold to ACG at auction were not the debtor’s property, and therefore could not be properly sold as par

Africa.com Now Selling Subdomains From $40 – $5,000 Per Year

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Africa.com has become the latest site to sell Subdomains and according to the registry trademark holders have already grabbed a bunch. According to Ope Odusan, Managing Director, Africa.com: “The world’s largest and most high profile brands have been among the first to acquire domain names ending with the new extension .africa.com. “In the first few weeks since we started offering domains, trademarks owners have quickly picked up their domains including twitter.africa.com, starbucks.africa.com, ibm.africa.com, evian.africa.com, standardbank.africa.com, lego.africa.com, marksandspencer.africa.com, emirates.africa.com, philips.africa.com, miele.africa.com, and the list goes on and on” In addition to trademark domains, according to Mr. Odusan generic premium subdomains have been sold

ICANN: No dotless domains for you, Google

Contrary to popular thinking, Google doesn't always get its way when it comes to all things Internet -- at least, not if the latest pronouncement from ICANN is any indication. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the organization in charge of a major overhaul of Internet addresses, ruled this week that it's passed a resolution prohibiting so-called dotless domain names, essentially putting the kibosh on Google's plans for a dotless "http://search" domain. Google outlined its interest in the dotless search domain in a letter it sent to the ICANN board in April. The idea behind a dotless domain is that a top-level domain name could resolve without a dot -- for instance, http://music instead of http://amazon.music. Well before Google sent its letter to the organiz...