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Egypt’s competition watchdog warns Uber and Careem could face up to $28 million in fines each for merger

Egypt’s competition watchdog warns Uber and Careem could face up to $28 million in fines each for merger

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Egypt’s competition watchdog has warned Uber and Careem once again against the merger. The regulator, Egyptian Competition Authority, had first warned the two companies last month against a merger amid rumors about acquisition and merger talks between them. But this time, the authority has gone a step further and said that they could slap fines of up to 500 million EGP ($28 million) per infringement on each person relevant person (read: party) involved in the deal. Dr. Amir Nabil, Chairman of the Egyptian Competition Authority, in a statement issued last week, said, “Uber and Careem are the only ride-hailing applications available in Egypt. Any anticompetitive interaction or harmonization of their business strategies including agreement to merge has the potential to cause serious and ir

Kenya, Morocco ranked globally as Africa’s leaders on e-participation

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The United Nations recently released a survey, E-GOVERNMENT SURVEY 2014: E-GOVERNMENT FOR THE FUTURE WE WANT showing how e-Government initiatives are being applied in various regions of the world. And Africa is lagging behind. The continent scored lower than any other region in the world. Africa had an average e-Government development index (EGDI) of 0.2661 compared to the global average of 0.4712. The report denotes: “Tunisia and Mauritius are the two highest-ranked countries in Africa, with Egypt, Seychelles, Morocco and South Africa following closely behind and showing progress as compared with the 2012 Survey. However, Africa as a whole exhibits a regional digital divide with most internet activity and infrastructure concentrated in South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Mauritius and Seychel

How Africa tweets

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  Communications agency Portland has looked at tweets from Africa to determine what languages are used the most and what issues drive the conversation.   Johannesburg was the most active Twitter city in Africa in the last three months of 2013, according to a new study called "How Africa Tweets". Johannesburg had 344 215 geo-located tweets, followed by Ekurhuleni with 264 172, and the Egyptian capital Cairo with 227 509, communications agency Portland said in a statement on Wednesday. Durban followed with 163 019 tweets and Alexandria, also in Egypt, was closely behind with 159 534 tweets. The study also found that cities in South Africa and Egypt were the most active on Twitter, and activity in Africa peaked on the day former president Nelson Mandela died. "The day