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Latency is holding back? Why Africa’s datacenters are still trailing behind

Summary: While latency is holding back the development of online services in Africa, and unreliable power supply holding back the development of datacenters, what's next for facilities on the continent? Reports ZDNet  The need for speed: Why Africa's datacenters are still trailing behind Africa's datacentre industry is lagging, but on the rise. Image: Shutterstock  For years, Kyle Spencer has been devoting countless hours of his free time to his passion: online gaming. The gaming community in East Africa, where Spencer lives, is woefully underdeveloped, but he has been doing his best to bring players together. It has always been an uphill battle; for games that rely on quick reflexes, the issue of latency makes connecting with other gaming enthusiasts across the region all bu

Tanzania facing Internet shortages

Tanzania is facing Internet shortages in the country after two submarine cables were hit by technical issues recently, the country’s regulator said in a statement. The Tanzania Telecommunication Company (TTCL) CEO Kamugisha Kazaura said that the problems occurred in Egypt’s northern Mediterranean city of Alexandria, “where the cables are connected to others linking the continent to Europe.” source

Counties to use wireless technology

SOME counties will have to be served by the the 4G wireless technology instead of fibre optic cable as the government moves fast to cover all the parts of the country before next year. Information PS Bitange Ndemo said all the county governments have to be internet linked by December but they will not be relying on the cable connection only. more