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The McFadden Files: How Geo Panel contractor bungled .Africa evaluation to favour ICANN’s preferred candidate

ICANN’s new gTLD guidebook clearly specified how its contractors were supposed to act with competence, and also independently to assure best quality performance in the evaluation of the 1930 new gTLD applications that were submitted under the new gTLD program. The outcome of an  Independent Review Panel however indicates otherwise in one of the most controversial applications under the ICANN new gTLD program. The discovery process of the .Africa IRP which pitted DCA Trust against ICANN showed a wide array of underhand dealings between InterConnnect Communications, the independent firm that was contracted to review geographic names and ICANN staff that were guided to ensure that ICANN’s choice, ZACR got the string and not DCA Trust. Here is an excerpt from the new gTLD Applicant Gu

.Africa is a SHE, says CEO of ICANN

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During the ICANN 50 Press Conference in London the ICANN president was fielding questions from Journalists, and in a demonstration of ICANN accountability process, Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN used .africa as an example that the ICANN process must be followed.    Reports Domainingafrica  The  .africa string was also a subject that has been mentioned quite severally during the ICANN 50 meeting that started from 22-26 June 2014, by the AUC and the competition losing patience over the ICANN process.   The ICANN president noted DotConnectAfrica's  "right" to file for IRP stating that: "Similarly the Africa where single applicant has filed an IRP she decided that this is her right and it her right and we should let her pursue her right even if the whole African Union has a different vi

Tribunal freezes ICANN processing on .africa: Independent Review Panel Rules in favor of DotConnectAfrica

A complaint by an organisation competing for the .africa geographic top-level domain (gTLD) has halted the launch of the internet name, which was planned to be unveiled early June by ZACR. DotConnectAfrica won an injunction when the Independent Review Panel ruled yesterday that ICANN should not carry on processing .africa until it has ruled on a complaint filed. This will allow the Panel time to consider arguments from DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust) and ICANN on DCA Trust’s claims regarding the .AFRICA TLD. The win stems from the fact that DCA received an Injunction it requested in its IRP Proceedings in an arbitration process against ICANN (‘DCA Trust vs. ICANN’) governed by the International Dispute Resolution Procedures of the ICDR based in New York and the Supplementary Pro