Paris UNESCO: Sophia Bekele Speaks on Access Divide & Applauds #InternetStudy

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March 9, 2015 - PARIS, France -- The event was held from 3 - 4 March 2015 in UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris France. The objective of the conference was to discuss the first draft of the Comprehensive Study on Internet-related issues as part of UNESCO's response in support of the decision taken by its 195 Member States, to examine current and emerging inter-related trends, challenges and opportunities around access to information and knowledge, freedom of expression, privacy, and ethical dimensions of the information society. Four Keystones namely Access to information and knowledge, Freedom of Expression, Privacy, and Ethics on a Global Internet; were identified under UNESCO's mandate, which is to promote international cooperation in education, the sciences, culture, communication and i...

Celebrating 30 Years Of The Domain Name System (DNS)

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Thirty years ago this month, in November 1983, two RFCs were published that defined the critical Internet service that we now take for granted and use every day – the Domain Name System or more generally just “DNS”. Those two RFCs, authored by Paul Mockapetris, were: RFC 882: Domain Names – Concepts and Facilities RFC 883: Domain Names – Implementation and Specification These two RFCs formed the basis for what was to become the DNS system we use today.  There was a great amount of discussion in the early 1980′s around how to move beyond the flat naming convention used in the early “ARPA Internet”.  Several proposals were out there that make for interesting reading today, including RFC 799, RFC 819 and RFC 830.  As Paul Mockapetris relays in a video for the Internet Hall of Fame (IHOF)

Internet Society Expresses Concern over Impact of IPRs Provisions in Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Draft

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18 November 2013 The Internet Society is concerned that the global Internet may be harmed if countries adopt Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) provisions contained in the recently leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) draft.  We do not believe that these provisions are consistent with basic principles of transparency, due process, accountability, proportionality and the rule of law. The leaked TPP Agreement is a complex set of rights and principles related to IPR and we believe that the current draft reflects a disproportionate balance of rights in favor of intellectual property owners.  In addition to other issues, these provisions could also have important consequences for online privacy, a critical dimension in light of heightened awareness worldwide about the importance