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AIG startups in Nigeria to get zero data charges in app deal from MTN

This week, online marketplace Kaymu becomes the latest member of the Africa Internet Group (AIG) network of companies to get zero data apps on the MTN network and this follows previous announcement of similar services for ecommerce giant Jumia and hotel booking platform Jovago. This is how it works. MTN is offering these startups zero-rate data usage and this means that current and prospective users of the services offered by these companies, on the MTN network, can do so for free on the network without incurring any data costs. The network and the companies believe the partnership would not only accelerate Internet penetration in Nigeria but but would also give customers and sellers the opportunity to access their products and services via the apps. Read more

African E-Commerce giant Jumia partners with Posta Kenya for offline pick-up points

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Kenya’s leading online mall, Jumia has partnered with Posta Kenya to allow its customers to pick up items they purchase on the website from Post offices across the country. Parinaz Firozi Managing Director, Jumia Kenya said, “We are delighted that our customers can now pick up items they order on Jumia from selected Post offices across the country, this is a new direction in providing a stress-free, safe and convenient shopping experience.” Customers can select the option to pick-up products from a Post office closest to them during the checkout process, the product(s) will be dispatched to the selected office and customers can pay for the items via cash through Postapay or Mpesa during pick up. Postmaster General/Chief Executive Officer Dr. Enock Kinara said, “We are happy to be part

Africa’s E-bay:-Jumia responds to Africa’s growing mobile market

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The mobile internet sector in Africa is developing rapidly, with smartphones becoming much more affordable and growing in popularity. Jumia, Africa’s leading online retailer, has taken advantage of this with a mobile app that allows an increasing number of Africans to access the e-commerce platform wherever they are. Reports africabusinesscommunities.com The number of mobile subscriptions in Africa has risen rapidly in recent years, from fewer than 25 million in 2001 to over 720 million in 2012. Moreover, many activities that would be carried out on a laptop or PC in Western countries, such as online banking or shopping, are done on mobile phones in Africa. In fact, according to a report published in June 2014 by the Swedish technology company Ericsson, 70% of internet users in the countri